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What's your name? Who's your daddy?

There was a time not long ago when anyone who created music and wanted to get that music out had to pitch their art to some talent scout, who then turned the artist over to a marketing team. Before you knew it, you had a haircut and new clothes while your sound was adjusted and modified and your words were tamed and edited.

(For an interesting documentation of this process, watch The Brady Bunch, episode #96, Season 4, in which Greg gets “discovered,” renamed Johnny Bravo, and his art is muddled and processed by engineers and marketers, who promise him the moon if he will just go along with their evil scheme. Greg, in all his Brady Integrity, abandons the deal and goes home.)

Comatose Llama Records was founded on the concept of letting the artists do what they want while allowing “the market” to adjust to them. We aren’t surveying the listeners and focus-grouping the audience. Like it or don’t. Buy it or don’t. We can’t make you, and we won’t adjust it so you will. We aren’t interested in catering to the market’s tastes. The market is fickle and what they like today they will hate tomorrow. We please ourselves. Greg Brady would’ve dug this, Daddy-o.

Our first signed artist is our house band, Radio Free Babylon™. They already have 5 or 6 CDs in the works and are hoping to fulfill some promised gigs when that music is eventually released. They play sporadically, for practice, at a couple of Open Mic venues in Florida.

At present, we are not seeking talent. We have enough groups and individuals that we’re interested in and want to help. But if one of our representatives should come across your group by accident some night at a seedy club or Open Mic Night, we might just approach you about working with us. We might not.

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