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Coffee with Jesus

The latest episode is called "What Should Matter"

So funny I forgot to laugh.

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New One-Off

The latest random, one-time image is called
"Sermon on the Mount - 2014"

Blessed are the WHAT?


unplug You're Too Plugged In

Ever wonder where all that stress comes from? We'll give you a hint: It starts with Chris Matthews and ends with Sean Hannity and its middle initials are HBO, CNN, Netflix and Comcast. It's no wonder you pound a six-pack or a bottle of wine as soon as you get home. Who can blame you? It's so damned noisy out here. Escape once in a while.


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The Latest
Saturated Street Scene

"Tourists at Armegeddon"
Megiddo, Israel

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Not for the cello-phobic! This is "While We're Waiting," a little exercise in alliteration. Something we like and hope you do too.


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